Communication style questionnaire

ik_ASERThe Communication Style Questionnaire tracks the four basic areas of using assertiveness when solving standard as well as demanding communication situations: adequate self-assertion; ability to stand by one‘s decisions or opinions and not letting oneself be manipulated; ability to give and receive feedback along with the art of establishing and developing social relations.

The theoretical basis behind this questionnaire is the modern concept of assertiveness. The questionnaire is meant as a diagnostic tool for positions which emphasize dealing with other people (giving feedback, negotiating with suppliers, dealing with clients, complaint settlements, project managing and so forth) as well as for the consultancy area.

The output of the questionnaire includes a statement of the person’s degree of assertiveness, a chart of the overall degree of assertiveness and a chart of the degree of assertiveness in various areas of communication. In addition, there is a text which includes an interpretation of the general profile as well as an overview of advantages and recommendations. It is based on two control scales, including a check of aggressive tendencies, i.e. the assertion of oneself at the expense of others.

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Estimated time it takes to complete the questionnaire: 15 - 20 minutes (94 items)

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