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ikMSThe Managerial Style Questionnaire examines the degree to which the participant favors various managerial styles or their combinations.

It is primarily a diagnostic tool for employees at managerial positions, team leaders or project managers. However, it can be also used to monitor preferences in managerial style throughout the company.

It is based on the same concept as the Multifactor Personality Questionnaire which uses four areas, each of which is defined by two bipolar scales. Whilst the Multifactor Personality Questionnaire describes the basic characteristics typical for each scale using adjectives only, the Managerial Style Questionnaire employees a range of complex characteristics and behavior patterns in managing positions, always in relation to a combination of two bipolar scales. At the same time, the scales in the Managerial Style Questionnaire are more specific and closely related to activities typical for managers. Moreover, the questionnaire combines several sub theories of managerial styles within its own original methodology.

The output of this questionnaire is not only an easy-to-read chart but also an extensive text, in which managerial styles are ranked according to the participant’s preference, an interpretation of their overall style is given and advantages are compared with potential risks. In case it is administered with the Multifactor Personality Questionnaire, it also offers a comparison of managerial style and personal profile together with a prediction of areas, where fast development can be expected and areas where it is likely to be less effective. You can easily see here, which managerial styles fit well the personality of the manager and which managerial styles would be demanding and hard for him/her, because they do not fit his/her natural personality and behaviour.

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Estimated time it takes to complete the questionnaire: 10 - 15 minutes (32 items).

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