Sales profile FULL

ik_OPfullThe Sales Profile FULL questionnaire is a tool for diagnostics of salespeople and applicants for sales positions.

It focuses on twelve basic business competencies divided into three categories: the CLIENT, the OFFER, the SALE. The competencies are observed in relation to essential prerequisites and specific skills, including identification of the respondent‘s conscious need for development of individual competencies.

Aside from an easy-to-read chart, the output of this questionnaire includes a comparison of the participant to a predefined set of minimum prerequisites, specific and practical recommendations in regards to further development along with designated priority and adequate methods of development. An identification of constraints and accelerators in sales process is also provided. As this is a competency questionnaire, it contains control scales, which give warning about the possibility of lower validity of output due to inconsistency in the respondent‘s answers or attempts at choosing socially desirable options.

We recommend administering the questionnaire along with the Sales Profile TEST and Career Compass. Sales Profile QUICK can serve as a shortened and simplified alternative to this questionnaire, as it focuses on business skills only.

$ 14

Estimated time it takes to complete the questionnaire: 25 - 30 minutes.

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