Career compass

ik_KAKOThe Career Compass Questionnaire focuses on work motivation and it is a great tool for diagnostics of entry level positions and employees on lower and mid-level management positions.

It is also well suited for talent diagnostics and diagnostics of newly hired employees.

The questionnaire operates with eight basic work motives, which form four basic motivation profiles: the sales-person, the manager, the specialist and the team-player. The questionnaire gives detailed information about the respondent’s primary needs as well as a general idea of where they are headed in their career. The questionnaire facilitates the realization of often hidden or less obvious motives and completes the participant’s overall profile.

Aside from easy-to-read output in the form of a chart, or a career compass, there is also a text interpretation, which contains a ranking of motivation profiles by priority and a description of factors which improve the participant’s performance and satisfaction, and ones which have the potential of decreasing them.

$ 12

Estimated time it takes to complete the questionnaire: 10 - 15 minutes (24 items).

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